Monday, 21 November 2011

Worthless to Priceless Exhibition

For our Worthless to Priceless exhibition in Uni I decided to jazz up some of my shorts that I already had into something a bit more exciting than standard denim jeans. I wanted to do it as cheaply as possible to keep in with the theme of making something priceless from something with little worth and with things I had to hand. So i bleached the denim shorts with 70p bleach just chucked it in a bucket for half an hour put them in the washing machine...causing serious bubbles and scared faces thinking I had broken it...the came out like this...
 Then I just dipped them in a mop bucket with £3 dylon flamingo pink dye (chosen for the name...obviously) and gradually pulled the shorts further out of the mixture as I added more dye to make the mix stronger.
Then put them in the washing machine again (no bubbles this time), found an old skater belt that I used to wear back in the day.....awkward...pulled the studs off suprisingly easily and just stabbed them into the jeans and bent the back like butterfly clips. Sooo easy..before and after...
My display at Worthless to Priceless Exhibition 2011 :)

Monday, 7 November 2011

We Are Handsome

How acceptable is it to spend 100£ on leggings?? I have fallen in love in a big way...........

Viva Las Vegas!

The project I am working on at the moment is inspired by the cheap, nasty and tacky side of Las Vegas, I am really enjoying it and have looked to Coco Fennel, Prada S/S2012 and Ashish for inspiration. I cant wait to get some of my designs onto fabric and start embellishing them with sequins!

These girls are bridesmaids and going to make a fabric full of wedding inspired images..including a bride drinking champagne...from the bottle  - what happens in Vegas!!

Samuel Bradley Photos

Love this photo by Samuel Bradley I like to put my designs into structured lines, and will try this techinque of fading out from opaque to transparent.