Monday, 30 April 2012

Horror Movies

All designs ©Jemima Rodwell 2012
This is a small selection of some of my designs for final major project. These designs represent four different stories; witchcraft, vampires, jaws, zombie prom. More to come soon..

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tailored Covers Collaboration

Tailored Covers have asked Leeds College of Art Printed Textiles Students to design a tailored car cover with the possibility of it being put into production and available for commission. This is such an exciting project and one I would love to be chosen for. As my final major project is partly based on Jaws and horror movies, I thought that sharks would work well on a car cover as they are the primary fish/animal that embodies fast, dangerous, exciting and everything I imagine someone who has a beautiful, fast, exciting car to want! Here are some of my designs draped onto a car cover to show what I want my tailored cover to look like....

Hawaiian Shirts

I thought that some of my designs for Final Major Project might work well on men's shirts, which is an idea that hadn't really occurred to me before this point. I love Hawaiian shirts and they are particularly on trend at the moment with the summer trend of Miami. I am really happy with how they look as drapes.
 The shirt image is not my own.
All designs © Jemima Rodwell 2012